Okay, so this is what the guy looks like..

Alan Runfeldt, 1998

(staring intently at his computer screen)

hmm.. he looks pretty serious...

photo taken 10-27-1999

age 50
Alan Runfeldt, 2007

(and here smiling at his wife!)

Now, that's a bit more friendly!

photo taken 11-27-2007

age 57
A1C Rnfeldt at Long
              Than Vietnam, 1970

(and here, for comparison,
is the young soldier in Vietnam)

photo taken at Long Thanh, Vietnam, June, 1970

age 20
Alan Runfeldt, 1966

And here's the innocent boy,
posing for his high school yearbook
during the summer of 1966

photo taken August, 1966

age 16
Alan Runfeldt, 1970

And here's the same guy
four years later - in 1970,
after spending a year
in the jungle in Vietnam.

Passport photo taken August, 1970

age 20

photo to come

And here's a photo of the
young boy as an old man.
67 in 2017 - and heading
towards 97 by 2047.

age 67

Webmaster, Frenchtown.com
Web Services Manager, rComm.net
Web Services Manager, NoDeadlines.com
Web Services Manager, NoDeadlines.net
Survey Administrator, SurveyNet.net

Webmaster, Senior System Developer/Programming Manager surveys.ATT.net from 1998-2005

Web .


Alan W. Runfeldt

Born: December 12, 1949
Graduated High School June, 1967
Served in USAF 1968-72
Vietnam, Thailand, 1970-71
Cal State San Bernardino, California 1971-72
Union College, NJ 1973
Excelsior Press 1974-present
Interfacing PC's & Computerized Photo Typesetting Machines, 1981-86
Multi-lingual Publishing Systems 1984-90
Laser Printer Repair/& Training 1990-94
Programming - Basic, dBase, Paradox, misc. 1982-95
Exclusively Web Work - Development/Lectures/Seminars since June, 1995
htmlscript/Miva/php/SQL CGI & database development - April, 1996 - present


Alan currently lives on the outskirts of Frenchtown, NJ
where he contacts the world through the World-Wide-Web.
(and he's not always quite so serious-looking...in fact, he's known for his very healthy, cheerful laughter)


And here's one from 1971 - just back from Vietnam and in the California Desert, near Ballarat - photo by Neil Brown

Alan Runfeldt on his 1970 Triumph Bonneville - Rocinante

New (Old) photo - an aerial shot of our new home circa 1961 - before all those young trees grew up and shaded the house and yard.

This photo shows the back half of the 3.47 acres...

Nearest road to the south is almost a mile through woods and farm fields. We can  hear coyotes at night, and see deer in the yard almost daily.

Nearest roads to the east and west - Horseshoe Bend and C.R. 519 - are about a mile away as well...

Our New home - aerial photo circa 1961