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Welcome to
Alan & Cathy's
  Wedding Invitation Web Page 

Dress is casual, and we're having the picnic and wedding rain or shine...
We have tents and tarps.

Picnic's set from  4:00 pm til sunset.
Wedding Ceremony is set for 5:00 pm.
Bring your favorite outdoor chair, if it fits easily into your vehicle.

Otherwise share our hammock, swing, lawn chairs or hay bales.
We'll have barbeque and crock-pots and salads, soda, punch, beer, wine, soda and water, 

but if you have a favorite dish or dessert you'd like to bring to the picnic, it is welcome.

To see the invitation: invitation.html
To see photos of the farm seehous_.html
To see an AERIAL photo of the farm, visit GrossmanFarm.2.jpg
To see some photos of Cathy, visit cathy/index.htm

To see area maps, and directions to Frenchtown, visit http://frenchtown.com/regl_map.html
To see the tri-state maps, visit http://frenchtown.com/tri-state.map.html

or, click on either map it self to make it switch back and forth.

and, an update: Click to see  our new home - 1/2 mile down the hill from the farm: 
... and the creek in our back yard....


Driving directions: (don't miss http://frenchtown.com/regl_map.html)
Frenchtown is easier to find than you might imagine, but if you run into any problems, you can call us at 
  • The house: 908 996-0849 or 
  • The barn:  908 996-7850 or 
  • Cellular:  949-230-8456

To make it simple, you are heading for 1143 Route 12, Frenchtown, NJ 08825, which is actually located on the border of Frenchtown Boro in Kingwood Township, but that's a big place with no downtown, so head for Frenchtown.  If you use http://tripquest.com, you can plot and schedule your entire route in about 3 minutes and you've got it made.

If not....

Short version:
  1. Interstate 78 to exit 15
  2. County Road 513 South to Frenchtown
  3. State Route 12 east to farm

Long Version:

  1. If you're coming from the north or east, just get yourself onto interstate 78 West and head towards exit 15 at Clinton. Get off 78 there, follow the signs to 513 south through Pittstown (where County Road 513 road veers off to the right just after the Pittstown Inn) and continue on about 6-8 more miles to Frenchtown along 513. Enjoy the scenery.. farm fields and views of Pennsylvania in the distance...
  2. Eventually, you'll come down a short, steep hill into Frenchtown.
  3. There's one traffic light in Frenchtown. You really simply cannot miss it. It's at the intersection of County Road 513 and State Highway 12. Citgo's there, too.
  4. Turn left onto Route 12 (aka Kingwood Road). Come up 1.5 miles to the top of the hill, see the sign that says "Delaware Valley Equipment", turn left, and come on in down that long drive.
  5. If you're coming in through Somerville or Hillsborough or Flemington, take Highway 12 west from Flemington to mile marker 2 - at Errico's Tavern.
  6. It's about 8 miles from the traffic circle in Flemington.
  7. As you pass Errico's, you will see some small driveways and nice old white farm house on the right.
  8. Just beyond that house is a field with a sign that says "Delaware Valley Equipment". Turn right, and come on in down that long drive.

Drive until you see the tent, then park where it's convenient. But watch out for soft shoulders and wet spots on the lawn. We'll park on the grass back by the barns, but not up front near the house. The ground's just too soft. We'll put up some signs.

any questions? email alanr@alanr.com.