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"We don't need no stinking deadlines"
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our first server, running reliably since 1997
Surveynet.net our Survey server, running reliably since 1998
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interactive online survey systems
ASK3.com The Survey Alternative
Community Website - Frenchtown
Community Website - Flemington
Web site about State Route 12 in Hunterdon County, NJ
The Excelsior Press Museum Print Shop
- hand fed platen presses
- hand set foundry type. A working shop circa 1930's
Story of the USAF 8th Aerial Port Squadron's Air Mobility
operations in Vietnam, 1965-75
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Lecture Notes
2002 Miva Software Developers Conference in San Diego

1997 Computer Associates Conference in New Orleans
Skillsets checklist
12 Skills required to develop and maintain an effective web site
What has he done that's worth knowing about?
Course Outline
Hands-on building a World Wide Web Site - very basic - from 1997
Course Outline
eCommerce for local artists
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Who is Alan Runfeldt?

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